Ask Us Anything

I'm a first time homebuyer.  What do I need to think about first?

Planning ahead is key!  Depending on the loan program you choose, you may have a down payment, plus earnest money, closing costs, and moving costs. We recommend you save for a healthy down payment, plus a sum to cover the fees you will incur during the home buying process.  That being said, there are loan programs that offer down payment assistance, if needed.

For earnest money, plan for about 1% of the list price of a house.  It is paid by you as soon as you go under contract of a property and is held in a trust account until closing, then credited back to you, as long as you fulfill your obligations under the contract.  Buyer closing costs vary, so talk to your lender about what to expect for your situation.

If you are purchasing your home with a loan, you will need to find a lender and get pre-approved (a pre-approval letter is often required to submit with an offer). We can provide you with a list of trusted lenders, if needed. For a mortgage pre-approval, expect to provide  proof of income, debts, bank statements, etc. Lenders will be checking your credit report, so make sure you are informed of your score and try to improve it if the number is too low. If your credit score is good, maintain it that way by avoiding credit and making any large purchases until closing day.

The good news is that you likely won't need to pay anything for buyer's agent representation because it is generally paid by the seller through the listing agent.  And we do not charge any buyer admin fees!

Can you guarantee me a successful sale?

While we cannot guarantee how quickly your home will sell or what the final sales price will be (this primarily depends on the condition/appearance of your home and us coming to an agreement on how to price it appropriately on the market), we DO guarantee you this.....

Our guarantee is to work hard to find a qualified buyer for your home quickly and to negotiate strongly on your behalf to ensure that you net the most money. Our goal is not to lock you into a long-term contract and hope a buyer shows up, we will aggressively market your property to bring the buyers to you and get your home as quickly as possible for the highest price possible.

Be assured that you are always in control when you work with us. Anytime you sign an agreement, you have the ability to unconditionally cancel our agreement before you go under contract.

It takes a strong belief in the quality of one's service to make this kind of stand. We at Savvy Home Sales never settle for less than the highest standards.  We are confident you will be satisfied with our excellent service, as well as our commitment to YOU!

How do your fees work?

What do we charge? Not 6%!  We will factor in the commission that will be paid to the buyer's agent because most homes sales involve a cooperating buyer's agent.  You will not pay any admin fees if you list with us.  We will market your home to our large database of buyers, as well as on our social media channels, and if we find the buyer for your home you will receive a 1% discount on your total commission .

As the listing agent, we take on expenses such as professional photography, video, staging, signage, marketing, etc...before we even sell your home!  In order for us to be able to charge commission less than 6%, and to ensure that we can get your home sold quickly, recouping our costs and meeting your expectations, it is VITAL that sellers follow our recommendations for preparing your home for sale (more to come on that).If you do, we anticipate more/higher offers, which of course benefits your bottom line!

After we meet and I preview your home, we will talk more in detail about the commission structure that makes sense for your specific situation.

Why should I use a real estate agent to sell my house?

Why use a real estate agent?  Using a real estate agent in the sale of your home takes a lot of the pressure off of you because there are many complicated steps for which we are trained to do, and a real estate contract is a legal binding agreement. 


Creating CRM's for accurate pricing of your property, hiring trusted professionals such as photographers and stagers, creating high-impact marketing materials, publishing marketing to multiple online channels, negotiating with other agents on offers and inspection or appraisal objections, navigating and advising you on the 19-page sales contract and other required disclosures, and providing you recommendations such as inspectors, contractors for repairs, title companies, and lenders, and getting you successfully to the closing table.  In addition, research has shown that homes listed in the MLS on average sell more quickly and for more money, with more offers, than those sold by owner.


Our goal is to advocate for you throughout the process to net you the highest price possible and work hard to create a smooth experience during what can be a stressful time.